At the Beach

it’s well known that Aussies love the beach.
However, it’s probably true to say that we take our beaches for granted.
Most overseas visitors are boggle-eyed at seeing so many beautiful beaches.
Anyway, we took a casual drive to the ocean this morning.( New Year’s Eve 2013)
It was actually cloudy and a lot cooler than yesterday.

The closest beach to my home is about 15 minutes drive by car, (unless you pick busy times to drive there). This beach is called “Woodman’s Point”. By the usual standards of Perth beaches, it is quite humble and natural.

Further along is Coogee Beach. It’s about 3 kilometers closer to Fremantle,
This part is becoming more developed recently. There are some fairly impressive looking new houses, and a new boat Marina. Even a new fancy Dome coffee shop.
Anyway, here are a few photos –


A few dogs scampering in and out of the water.





We saw some Pelicans. I think this was the “boss pelican”.
Coogee Beach 4



Denver and Pelican. Sorry about the poor focus!

Coogee Beach 3









These pelicans were not at all bothered by the people close by.

Coogee Beach 5








The new Coogee Marina area. Some very impressive boats here, but I didn’t photograph them.

Coogee Beach 9










Denver at the new artificial beach.
Nice for families with young children,
but notice it’s very quiet even though it’s holiday time.
Real Aussie swimmers would not be interested in swimming here.
There’s no surf or sharks!

Coogee Beach 10
Coogee Beach 12

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