Folk Tales

Folk Tales and stories are found in absolutely every culture throughout the world and you can learn a lot about a country or culture from them. Stories about heroes and villains and ogres and dragons and fair maidens have entertained people for hundreds of years. They are also referred to to as myths, fables, fairy tales and legends. Sleeping Beauty;  King Arthur; Aladdin; The Trojan War; Momotaro, and Mulan, are just a few examples. Serious researchers and students of such tales have actually found amazing similarities between tales from around the world.

For now, I don’t intend to study folk tales in great depth. However, In my opinion Folk Stories and Fairy Tales are really useful to learn the basic structure of a language. I recommend that you read, listen and speak aloud the contents of such stories. So far I’ve included “The Emperor’s New Clothes” from Europe, and “Momotaro” from Japan. I hope you’ll use them to improve your English!