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Japan Visit April – May 2018

Thanks to my good friends in Japan including Kazunori and Fumiko, Tasuku and Emi; Masako,
as well as Katsu and Tomoko, I had a really enjoyable visit to the Tokyo area and Kanazawa.

Below are some of the photos from that visit.


Denver at the giant gate entrance to Kanazawa Castle

Around the Chaya district

Nagamachi Samurai district

Kenrokuen Gardens

Kenrokuen souvenir stalls

Kanazawa Castle

Denver with the Oda family at Twin Motegi Theme Park
I spent a family Sunday with Kazunori, Fumiko, Masatake and Mizuki at Twin Ring Motegi Racing Theme Park. It was a fine day weather-wise and we really enjoyed ourselves in spite of the large Golden Week crowds of people. I even found myself playing racing car driver with Masatake as co-driver. Certainly the first time I’ve ever been on a racing circuit! The drive through the Tochigi countryside was also really nice. Anyway, here are a few photos.

Denver at roadside in Motegi

Denver at same place

Fumiko and Mizuki

Masatake and Mizuki

Masatake riding

Masatake waiting very patiently for his turn

driving through the Tochigi countryside

Kazunori and Mizuki

Italian Restaurant Yashio, Saitama with the Oda Family

Denver and Masatake

Italian Restaurant

Denver, Fumiko and Mizuki



Kamakura Shrine

Emi at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

The Bamboo Gardens

Bamboo Gardens

Denver at entrance to Bamboo Gardens


Tsujido Kanagawa

Delicious kushiage at an Izakaya



Endo, Kanagawa

watching an expert sushi chef!


Sushi shop

Sushi shop


Tsudijo Station Izakaya

Izakaya Chef preparing kushiage

Izakaya Chef preparing kushiage

Tasty food on a stick.

Tasty food on a stick.

with Emi and her family


Emi and family

Emi and Tasuku and Hiro and Ryo and children

With Tomoko and Katsunori


Katsunori and Tomoko at lunch

Lunch at Noborito Station

Minka-en Folk Village

Katsunori and Tomoko



Denver and Katsunori at home