Pronunciation of Australian English 4

 Sounds of Consonants Part 2 (the number in blue below is on the chart which I sent to you)

Generally these consonant sounds are more difficult for non-native English speakers and so they need a lot more practice.

“CH” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ʧ  (25)

“CH” sounds 1. Beginnings – change, chat, chap, check, choose, chocolate, cheat, chicken

“CH” sounds 2. Middles – nature, teacher, preacher, torture, catcher, grandchild

“CH” sounds 3. Endings – catch, match, batch, teach, each, pitch, couch, touch

“CH” sounds 4. The teacher needs to choose new chalk to write with.

“J” sounds      IPA SOUNDS       ʤ  (26)

“J” sounds 1. Beginnings – Jan; January, June, July, Japan, jeans, jokes

“J” sounds 2. Middles – badger, agent, passage, magic, major, object

“J” sounds 3. Endings – age, page, badge, Madge, judge, edge

“J” sounds 4. James Jones went to a new college in July.

“Z” sounds       IPA SYMBOL      (34)

“Z” sounds 1. Beginnings – zoo, zebra, zero, zap, Zoe, Zorro, zany, zombie

“Z” sounds 2. Middles – buzzer, present, cousin, magazine, noisy, lazy, Thursday

“Z” sounds 3. Endings – friends, tease, sneeze, cheese, prize, exercise, rose

“Z” sounds 4. The lazy boy reads seven magazines every Thursday.

“Sh” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ʃ  (35)

“Sh” sounds 1. show, sheep, shirt, shoe, shadow, shout, shrine

“Sh” sounds 2. Middles – ocean, lotion, motion, fishing, pushing, passion

“Sh” sounds 3. Endings – fish, dish, cash, flash, push, posh, finish

“Sh” sounds 4. The chef prefers mash potato instead of chips with his fish.

“Zh” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ʒ  (36)

“Zh” sounds 1. Beginnings – Jacques, genre, joie de vivre

“Zh” sounds 2. Middles – azure, pleasure, treasure, casual, Asia, measure, television, decision

“Zh” sounds 3. Endings – beige, rouge

“Zh” sounds 4. It is rare to see the colour azure in Northern Asia.

“Th” sounds unvoiced      IPA SYMBOL      θ  (31)

“Th” sounds unvoiced 1. Beginnings – thank, thick, thin, third, thirteen, thumb, three, throw

“Th” sounds unvoiced 2. Middles – bathtub, toothbrush, marathon, catheter

“Th” sounds unvoiced 3. Endings – Kath, Smith, fifth, both, cloth, path, Goth, tooth, myth

“Th” sounds unvoiced 4. Kathy Smith left a thank you note on the bathroom door.

“Th” sounds voiced      IPA SYMBOL      ð  (32)

“Th” sounds voiced 1. Beginnings – this, that, then, those, these, them

“Th” sounds voiced 2. Middles – bother; mother; father; brother; feather; Heather

“Th” sounds voiced 3. That’s the trouble with working too hard.

“Th” sounds voiced 4. Tell me then, do you know this is true?

“F” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (29)

“F” sounds 1. Beginnings – fan, fast, fun, family, famous, father, full, food, February

“F” sounds 2. Endings – proof, roof, cliff, cough, laugh

“F” sounds 3. I don’t like to eat fast food in February.

“F” sounds 4. She often eats KFC food which is full of salt.

“V” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (30)

“V” sounds 1. beginnings – vine, vat, vocal, very, vary, visit

“V” sounds 2. middles and endings – even, every, beverage, silver, save, prove

“V” sounds 3. Victor Valentine visits Veronica in Venice every November.

“V” sounds 4.  The movie featured a bevy of beauties.

“ng” sounds     IPA SYMBOL      ŋ  (39)

“ng” sounds 1. Endings –  sing, sang, song, bring, hang, sprung, along

“ng” sounds 2. Middles – single, singer, banging, sanger, hanger

“ng” sounds 3. “Bring me the singer”, said the king.

“ng sounds   4. Sing a silly song when you’re sad.

“L” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (41)

“L” sounds 1. Beginnings –     lick, lack, log, like, luck, lake, lion

“L” sounds 2. Middles – Sally; silly; pillow, balloon, eleven, olive, island, police

“L” sounds 3. Endings – all, ball, tall, call, mall, wall, bell, pal, tell, dull, feel

“L” sounds 4. Malcolm lives in a small village called Leicester.

“R” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (42)

“R” sounds 1. Beginnings – rack, ramp, rascal, robber, rescue, rock, room, root

“R” sounds 2. Middles – sorry, diary, clearly, weary, scary, Mary

“R” sounds 3. Endings – star, far, car, dear, peer, door, more, dare

“R” sounds 4. The ragged rascal rescued the rabbit from the flooded river.

“Y” sounds      IPA SYMBOL       j  (44)

“Y” sounds 1. Beginnings – you, yes, yellow, year, yard, young, uniform, use

“Y” sounds 2. Middles – layer, mayor, lawyer, buoyant, kayak, re-use

“Y” sounds 3. Endings – play, bay, stay, toy, boy, buy, fifty

“Y” sounds 4. I’ll see you early next year.


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