Pronunciation of Australian English 4

 Sounds of Consonants Part 2

Generally these consonant sounds are more difficult for non-native English speakers and so they need a lot more practice.


“CH” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ʧ

“CH” sounds 1. Beginnings – change, chat, chap, check, choose, chocolate, cheat, chicken

“CH” sounds 2. Middles – nature, teacher, preacher, torture, catcher, grandchild

“CH” sounds 3. Endings – catch, match, batch, teach, each, pitch, couch, touch

“CH” sounds 4. The teacher needs to choose new chalk to write with.

“J” sounds      IPA SOUNDS       ʤ

“J” sounds 1. Beginnings – Jan; January, June, July, Japan, jeans, jokes

“J” sounds 2. Middles – badger, agent, passage, magic, major, object

“J” sounds 3. Endings – age, page, badge, Madge, judge, edge

“J” sounds 4. James Jones went to a new college in July.

“Z” sounds       IPA SYMBOL      z

“Z” sounds 1. Beginnings – zoo, zebra, zero, zap, Zoe, Zorro, zany, zombie

“Z” sounds 2. Middles – buzzer, present, cousin, magazine, noisy, lazy, Thursday

“Z” sounds 3. Endings – friends, tease, sneeze, cheese, prize, exercise, rose

“Z” sounds 4. The lazy boy reads seven magazines every Thursday.

“Sh” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ʃ

“Sh” sounds 1. show, sheep, shirt, shoe, shadow, shout, shrine

“Sh” sounds 2. Middles – ocean, lotion, motion, fishing, pushing, passion

“Sh” sounds 3. Endings – fish, dish, cash, flash, push, posh, finish

“Sh” sounds 4. The chef prefers mash potato instead of chips with his fish.

“Zh” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ʒ

“Zh” sounds 1. Beginnings – Jacques, genre, joie de vivre

“Zh” sounds 2. Middles – azure, pleasure, treasure, casual, Asia, measure, television, decision

“Zh” sounds 3. Endings – beige, rouge

“Zh” sounds 4. It is rare to see the colour azure in Northern Asia.

“Th” sounds unvoiced      IPA SYMBOL      θ

“Th” sounds unvoiced 1. Beginnings – thank, thick, thin, third, thirteen, thumb, three, throw

“Th” sounds unvoiced 2. Middles – bathtub, toothbrush, marathon, catheter

“Th” sounds unvoiced 3. Endings – Kath, Smith, fifth, both, cloth, path, Goth, tooth, myth

“Th” sounds unvoiced 4. Kathy Smith left a thank you note on the bathroom door.

“Th” sounds voiced      IPA SYMBOL      ð

“Th” sounds voiced 1. Beginnings – this, that, then, those, these, them

“Th” sounds voiced 2. Middles – bother; mother; father; brother; feather; Heather

“Th” sounds voiced 3. That’s the trouble with working too hard.

“Th” sounds voiced 4. Tell me then, do you know this is true?

“F” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      f

“F” sounds 1. Beginnings – fan, fast, fun, family, famous, father, full, food, February

“F” sounds 2. Endings – proof, roof, cliff, cough, laugh

“F” sounds 3. I don’t like to eat fast food in February.

“F” sounds 4. She often eats KFC food which is full of salt.

“V” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      v

“V” sounds 1. beginnings – vine, vat, vocal, very, vary, visit

“V” sounds 2. middles and endings – even, every, beverage, silver, save, prove

“V” sounds 3. Victor Valentine visits Veronica in Venice every November.

“V” sounds 4.  The movie featured a bevy of beauties.

“ng” sounds     IPA SYMBOL      ŋ

“ng” sounds 1. Endings –  sing, sang, song, bring, hang, sprung, along

“ng” sounds 2. Middles – single, singer, banging, sanger, hanger

“ng” sounds 3. “Bring me the singer”, said the king.

“ng sounds   4. Sing a silly song when you’re sad.

“L” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      l

“L” sounds 1. Beginnings –     lick, lack, log, like, luck, lake, lion

“L” sounds 2. Middles – Sally; silly; pillow, balloon, eleven, olive, island, police

“L” sounds 3. Endings – all, ball, tall, call, mall, wall, bell, pal, tell, dull, feel

“L” sounds 4. Malcolm lives in a small village called Leicester.

“R” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      r

“R” sounds 1. Beginnings – rack, ramp, rascal, robber, rescue, rock, room, root

“R” sounds 2. Middles – sorry, diary, clearly, weary, scary, Mary

“R” sounds 3. Endings – star, far, car, dear, peer, door, more, dare

“R” sounds 4. The ragged rascal rescued the rabbit from the flooded river.

“Y” sounds      IPA SYMBOL       j

“Y” sounds 1. Beginnings – you, yes, yellow, year, yard, young, uniform, use

“Y” sounds 2. Middles – layer, mayor, lawyer, buoyant, kayak, re-use

“Y” sounds 3. Endings – play, bay, stay, toy, boy, buy, fifty

“Y” sounds 4. I’ll see you early next year.




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