Pronunciation of Australian English 3

Sounds of Consonants Part 1 (the number in blue below is on the chart which I sent to you)

Consonants are the third basic types of sounds in English. When consonant sounds are made, air coming from your mouth is partly or fully restricted (blocked).

 “P” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      p  (21)

“P” sounds 1. Beginnings – pay, pencil, point, please, practice

“P” sounds 2. Endings – stop, plop, cop, cup, cap, dropped, mopped

“P” sounds 3. I’ll only pay you if you do plenty of practice.

“P” sounds 4. The poor preacher suddenly stopped speaking when he spied the trapped spider.

“B” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      b  (22)

“B” Sounds 1. Beginnings bigger, berry, Barry, Betty, bring, baby

“B” Sounds 2. Endings Bob, grab, stab, lob, glib, mob

“B” Sounds 3. Grab the pram or you’ll lose the baby.

“B” Sounds 4. The bad boy had a glib attitude to life.

“T” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      t  (23)

“T” sounds 1.  Beginnings – table, task, tusk, trick, treat, travel, trouble, tunnel, topple

“T” sounds 2. Take the table on the left since it is empty.

“T” sounds 3. The troublesome terrorists treated the passengers terribly when they trapped the train in the tunnel.

“T” sounds 4. Endings – bat, feet, neat, meet, treat, compete, finished, plucked

“D” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      d  (24)

“D” sounds 1. dog, danger, deadly, dawn, dusk, drink, drive

“D” sounds 2. It’s very dangerous to drink alcohol and drive, especially at dusk.

“D” sounds 3. The dog dug down deeply into the ground to get the delicious bone.

“D” sounds 4. send, spend, completed, ended, fitted, grabbed

“K” Sounds      IPA SYMBOL      k  (27)

K sounds 1. Beginnings – call, cut, king, cap, careful, cold, cake, catch

K sounds 2. Endings – book, back, cake, puck, Mick, muck, stick, stuck, lick, luck, prick

K sounds 3. Cathy keeps cute cats carefully in her colourful condominium.

K sounds 4. A piano makes plinkety plink sounds.

“G” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (28)

“G” sounds 1. Beginnings – go, got, give, gave, gas, gap, gun, gully, government

“G” sounds 2. Endings – big, bag, bog, beg, bug, hug

“G” sounds 3. Please go and give this gorgeous gift to the most gregarious girl.

“G” sounds 4. The big dog begged Biggles to hug his leg.

“Sss” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (33)

“Sss” sounds 1. Beginnings –  summer, salmon, snow, sport, seven, seasons, school, sort, Saturn, September

“Sss” sounds 2.  Middle – baseball, racing, gasoline, pencil, sexy, fussy, recipe

“Sss” sounds 3. Endings –       bus, fuss, place, loss, miss, curse, reverse

“Sss” sounds 4. Silly Sally seemed upset to see the small snake.

“M” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (37)

“M” sounds 1. Beginnings – mad, moon, make, morning, mountain, much, music, March

“M” sounds 2. Middles – family, camera, lemon, tomato, woman, human

“M” sounds 3. Endings – Sam, gem, cream, game, come, home, comb, room

“M” sounds 4. Mary is mad at the mirth of her merry friends.

“Nnnn” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (38)

“N” sounds 1. Beginnings – never, noon, name, nice, night, not, now, knock, number, November

“N” sounds 2. Middles – panic, peanut,  canoe, dinosaur, sunny, funny, country

“N” sounds 3.  Endings – brain, bun, fun, coin, clean, clown, green, man, yen

“N” sounds 4.  Hey! Ken, can you bring me the milk please?

“H” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (40)

“H” sounds 1. Beginnings – hack, hope, hut, happen, help, haughty, hopping, whole, whose, hurt, head

“H” sounds 2. Middle – behave; beehive; cohort, pothole; playhouse; redhead; fishhook

“H” sounds 3. Harry Hobson hit the handle of the door with a heavy hammer.

“H” sounds 4. He had a happy smile on his birthday.

“W” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      (43)

“W” sounds 1. Beginnings – wash, what, wait, walk, when, we, weather, windy, wave, woke, work

“W” sounds 2. Middles – sour, tower, towel, lower, doer,

“W” sounds 3. Endings – cow, sow, now, bow, sew, flow

“W” sounds 4. William wants waffles for breakfast on Wednesday.

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