Pronunciation of Australian English 2

Sounds of  Diphthongs 

(the number in blue below is on the chart which I sent to you)

Diphthong       sounds are made by combining one vowel with another.

For example vowel “o” plus vowel “i” = diphthong “oi”.

“Ear” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ɪə  (5)

“ear” sounds 1. ear, near, here, beard, cheer, clear, pier, year

“ear” sounds 2. Pierce Brosnan showed no fear but stayed clear of the pier.

“ear” sounds 3. The cheerleader had big ears and a short beard.

“ear” sounds 4. Next year my son is going to live near to me.

“Ei” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      eɪ  (6)

 “ei” sounds 1. ate, April, face, game, pay, stay, away, James, bake, cake, steak

“ei” sounds 2. James came to the game at the same time as Steve.

“ei” sounds 3. You need to pay eight dollars if you want me to bake a cake.

“ei” sounds 4.  Kate enjoys eating steak and fries in April.

“Oor” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ʊə  (11)

 “oor” sounds 1. tour; tourist; moor, poor; detour; contour;

“oor” sounds 2. The tourist decided to make a detour to Chinatown.

“oor” sounds 3. The poor tourist got lost on the moor.

“oor” sounds 4. The Moors invaded the poor Spanish people in the Middle ages.

“Oi” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      ɔ:  (12)

“oi” sounds 1. oil, oyster, boy, boil, soil, foil, choice, noise, koi, Moira

“oi” sounds 2. The boy foiled the attempt by his friends to soil his clothes.

“oi” sounds 3. Moira enjoys eating oysters rather than koi.

“oi” sounds 4. It’s my choice to make a noise, said the boy.

“O” sounds soft      IPA SYMBOL      əʊ  (13)

“O” sounds soft 1. okay, older, open, over, owner, know, show, blow, coat, boat, sew, Moses

“O” sounds soft 2. Oh! No! I can’t open the door.

“O” sounds soft 3. Moses bought a loaf of bread and a bar of soap.

“O” sounds soft 4. My mother sewed buttons onto my coat.

“Ere” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      eə  (18)

“Ere” sounds 1. air, pair, where, share, fair, hair, chair, wear, there

“Ere” sounds 2. The pair of teenagers had their fair share of hamburgers.

“Ere” sounds 3. Sit on the chair and wear this while I cut your hair.

“Ere” sounds 4. There is a man standing on the stairs, staring at me.

“Ai” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      aɪ  (19)

“Ai” sounds 1. eye, try, buy, sigh, high, sky, shy, why, island, ice, price, Kyle

“Ai” sounds 2. She said, I have my eye on that shy guy.

“Ai” sounds 3. I don’t know why but I want to buy a nice island.

“Ai” sounds 4. Kyle said I want to fly above the sky when the price is right.

“Ou” sounds      IPA SYMBOL      aʊ  (20)

“Ou” sounds 1. our, how, cow, owl, loud, house, brown, town, found, about

“Ou” sounds 2. I found a brown flower outside my house.

“Ou” sounds 3. How loud can you shout the vowel sounds?

“Ou” sounds 4. The stout cow was friends with a round clown.

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