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Using English for Instructions

How do you do it? 
How do you make it?
How do you get there?
I’ll tell you how to get there.
I’ll show you how to do it.
These are examples of using instructions language in English.

Tour Guide English

English for JapaneseTour Guides

The Yomiuri Shimbun reported recently that an estimated 867,100 foreign tourists visited Japan in September 2013. This was an increase of 31.7 percent from a year earlier.As the 2020 Olympics approach, the number of overseas visitors to Japan is likely to boom. Whether you are a professional or a volunteer; working as a tour guide can be very interesting and rewarding.  A great deal of unique words phrases and expressions are used in the field of tourism. As a guide for domestic tourists; you already know most of these in your own language.  But knowing tourist language in English will be very useful for an international tour guide.

Talking about Occupations, Skills and Abilities

In this section we look at talking about things we can do, using very simple English. We begin by discussing skills and abilities, and then look at jobs and occupations.

English in Sport

Most people like some form of sport. Sport is a great way to bring people together!
It’s certainly very useful when you have work colleagues or new friends from a different country that you want to talk with. We start by looking at tennis. But don’t worry I plan to add soccer and other sports eventually.

English for Talking about Photos

We use particular language when we talk about photos.
(Less commonly paintings and pictures)
This language can be quite complex, but here we’ll stay more simple.
When we show somebody a photo, we usually describe the photo. To describe means you tell somebody about the photo, giving more details.

Learning English with Songs

Songs can be a fun way to learn English. Different songs show different language features, but most pop songs are fairly simple. Class groups can enjoy learning together.
The use of repetition and the catchy tunes also make pop songs a good way to learn English.

Asking Questions in English


questions 1

If you are speaking with a native English speaker and you are not so confident about your own English, asking questions is a useful way to keep a conversation going.

At the Beach

it’s well known that Aussies love the beach.
However, it’s probably true to say that we take our beaches for granted.
Most overseas visitors are boggle-eyed at seeing so many beautiful beaches.
Anyway, we took a casual drive to the ocean this morning.( New Year’s Eve 2013)
It was actually cloudy and a lot cooler than yesterday.

High School in Australia

[Please realise this outline is only a very brief “snap shot”. You can do a Google search or follow the web addresses below, if you want to find out more about Australian high schools.]

Japonisme – related to Japan


This word expresses my first sensible recollections of exposure to things Japanese (as opposed to Western banzai movies and comics). Memories come from when I was about 10 years old.